iBookZante is a fresh and modern tourist and travel guide for the island of Zakynthos. Its purpose is to show the visitors of the island the best places to stay to eat and to visit in order to have the best holiday experience.

Who we are

This guide has been created by Giannis Potamitis’s individual Web Artworks company. Most of the photos have been taken by Veronika Maxantova. But many are the ones who have put a small piece for the best presentation of our island through this website in the outside world.

Which businesses can be shown/register in this tourist guide

Any business operating on the island of Zakynthos can apply for registration in the tourist guide via email info@ibookzante.com or by calling +30 26950 83086.

How visitors can help

Every visitor of the island can help us in the better presentation of Zakynthos by sending us their preferences and experiences from their holidays on the island through our contact form. We like and appreciate every such message from the visitors of our island!

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